If your organization currently works in a reactive maintenance or “fire fighting” mode, then you are at risk of higher maintenance costs, failure rates and downtime. It’s time to move toward a more reliable Automatic Scheduled maintenance strategy. HVI software enables organizations to generate calendar and/or meter-based PMs and set up PM schedules for inspection or maintenance, making it easy to prevent failures and reduce costs.

Set reminders for future Inspections, Maintenance Schedules and App will notify when it’s time to Inspect.

Predicting failures before they occur is the challenge of predictive maintenance. To know about it, there are different measurement techniques that can evaluate the state of the equipment and detect the warning signs of failures. The operation of machines requires more components than others, causing their gradual wear. These wears lead to imbalances that may gradually damage the machines. Predictive maintenance techniques aim to detect the probability of these defects, to prevent breakdowns and accidents and to optimize maintenance strategies.

HVI software lets you define an unlimited number of calendar based or meter based schedule for each asset. Within the scheduler, you can include a detailed notes with schedule inspection or maintemamce work-order and any other important information.
Create an effective preventive maintenance program with a scheduler. You can then automatically generate PM-WO based on time (days, weeks or months) or usage (hours, miles, units or kilometers).
  • Improve Planning & Scheduling
  • Auto-trigger a PM work order to be created (excluding identified “skip-days”) when a calendar date or meter point is met, eliminating manual preventive maintenance scheduling.
  • Stay Up-to-Date on PM Workorder
  • Access a view of current and future preventive maintenance activities in order to track the completion of PM tasks.
  • Improve Internal Communication
  • Automate email notifications to be sent to the assigned technician or any other email address when a PM is generated.
    One vital aspect of preventing breakdowns is keeping up with inspections. HVI provides an easy, streamlined method for conducting inspection rounds, enabling technicians to get notification for creating inspection quickly and accurately.
  • Checklist
  • Create or select the audit cheklist on with tenician need to perform inspection to capture the start and stop times of the inspection, view the inspection instructions, record any notes, and indicate if the vehicle is safe to use or not after inspection.
  • Take Immediate Action after Failure
  • Auto-generate a corrective work order from inspection with one click all repair or replace items is added in WO when a piece of equipment fails inspection.
  • Eliminate Paperwork
  • Generate barcodes for each asset that technicians can scan on their mobile device, enabling them to access the inspection that is due to be performed.


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