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Maintenance Workorder

Incident Report

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Web and Mobile Work Orders

Generate Work-Order from Inspection report just in a click. Print WO, Consume Parts, assign mechanic and track progress on each item of work order. Maintain labor, material cost with logs of Repair.

Equipment downtime is decreased and the number of major repairs are reduced.
Eliminate premature replacement of parts and equipment.
Reduce overtime costs and make more economical use of maintenance workers.
Improve safety and quality conditions for everyone.
Work Order Management
It is mainly a task issued for maintenance, operation or repair work. It begins by creation of simple Work Request by the requester, which is further converted into Work Order by authorizing and assigning to respective Maintenance technician.
Work Requests
Easily request workorder for any equipment in one tap and save time.
Work Assign Team Member
Work orders are assigned to internal technicians or outside contractors and they get notified by email or app notification.
Trigger work orders with checklists
Automatically create a work order when a technician marks an item on an inspection checklist as “flag” or “fail”.
Manage Work Orders
Increase productivity with the ability to create, view, complete, and update new and open work orders.
Submit Work Orders
Submit a work request ticket from the field for quick turn around time.
Quick Summary View
See a quick overview of work orders, inspections and more right on the main menu.
Improve Workflow Efficiency
Establish custom workflow processes for submitting, approving, rejecting and completing work requests.
Create unlimited workflows
Increase the productivity of your maintenance management and administration team by creating an unlimited amount of automated workflows.
Major benefit of CMMS, DVIR App software
Speed of communication
No more paper record keeping with over phone reporting. Immediate Email trigger to right person on any defect reporting. App notification to bring attention to users.
Accuracy and Quality of Information
No more data copy from paper to system. Signed information submitted by user becomes single version of truth.
Latest user interface makes very easy to find information in system. Complete information tracking with Visual indicators.
Be sure that all required information is maintained. Complete tracking from breakdown to Inspection to completion of maintenance.
Advance Reporting
Save money by reducing overall operations cost. Make decisions based on advance reporting to reduce downtime and unplanned maintenance.

Complete maintenance workflow

Track maintenance frequency and performance, work completed and report on maintenance costs and trends, Uncover areas for improvement and send detailed maintenance reports.

Identify issues and assign team
Easily log defects from anywhere and track their resolution. Empower fleet managers to take action on issues as soon as they arise.
Eliminate unplanned downtime
Forecast and schedule regular service tasks and inspections. Reminders and alerts help you stay on top of planned maintenance and routine inspections.
Analyse Maintenance Work Order
Track work completed and report on maintenance costs and trends, helping you target areas to improve your bottom line.






Access maintenance work order anywhere, any time

Instantly access the most up-to-date work order from any location. Generate one click Work-Order from Inspection report. Print WO, Consume Parts, assign mechanic and track progress on each item of work order. Maintain labor, material cost with logs of Repair.

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Digital Transformation Tools
HVI's CMMS can integrate with several software solutions through enterprise connectors, such as an open API. This helps customers and partners build integrations with ERP systems, machine sensors, and more. We are always working on new ways to connect our CMMS software with other solutions to help link inspection and maintenance with every part of a business.
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Yes, all the features that make work order management easier, quicker and more cost-effective are included in HVI’s CMMS solution. To see a full description of our software, check out our CMMS software website.
HVI’s mobile CMMS app works with Apple and Android devices, including phones and tablets.

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