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Farmer’s Association says “Goodbye” to paper-based vehicle inspection processes and saves time with the adoption of HVI mobile Inspections app.

Company Objectives:

  • Eliminate paper-based inspection processes and manual data entry
  • Reduce time spent on vehicle inspections
  • Order Parts in advance for faults from daily inspection
  • Keep vehicles safe, clean and on the road
  • DOT compliance

  • Farmer’s Association, Heavy Vehicle management is a huge part of company’s core business operations. A single out-of-service vehicle could cost the company thousands of dollars over just a few days, so it is clear that uptime is vital to company’s quality service commitment. “It established a paper trail for problems and repairs.”
    —John Bolin

    “It's very user friendly.”
    —John Bolin

    An inefficient paper-based process

    Using paper forms, the team went through inspection checklists for each vehicle. With paper-based inspection & maintenance process, performing vehicle inspections took a substantial amount of time. “With paper-based inspection & maintenance process it was difficult to learn about maintenance issues and documenting that they had been fixed.” said John at Farmer’s Association. “It took long to complete vehicle inspections and maintenance that were unclear and unreliable, and manual data entry took hours. It wasn’t an efficient process.”

    Mobile to the rescue

    Company began migrating from a paper-based inspection process to using HVI Inspections via mobile devices.

    A quick, transparent process

    Now their crew complete comprehensive daily and weekly inspection checklists using HVI app. Where performing and inputting data for multiple vehicle inspections previously took technicians over an hour, techs now spend about 2 minutes per vehicle inspection and no longer spend time on manual data entry.”
    Convincing the older drivers how easy it is to use was challenging” said John. Using HVI customizable inspection tools, management creates, and replicates inspection forms based on specific compliance, vehicle and equipment requirements. “Being able to customize vehicle inspections forms has been a very simple process. Also Identifying maintenance issues and creating an active parts list is of great help. This has helped us in reducing overall maintenance cost.” said John.
    Farmer’s Association is using HVI Inspection & maintenance module, so all inspection and work orders is accessible all in one place from Any Where. This has helped the company streamline all its business operations in addition to just fleet management and inspections.


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