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Scheduling Inspections Digitally

Heavy vehicle inspections go through schedules so that workers can spend time on each one. Before mobile apps became possible, these inspections were handled manually by workers. These workers could not determine how much time they should spend on each inspection, when to set up appointments for them, and how frequent they should be. This all changed when mobile apps became part of various businesses, as now workers could achieve things that they could not before. Nowadays, workers who inspect heavy vehicles now have control over how inspections are done. This has caused the inspection process to change based on the fact that everything is becoming digital.


Having flexibility for heavy vehicle inspection can be beneficial for the workers conducting them. Now, what does it mean for a heavy vehicle inspection to be flexible? What it means is being able to set up dates in a digital schedule, which can save paper and grant instant access to workers. This kind of flexibility could not be done on paper-based heavy vehicle inspections, as doing everything manually such as setting up times is an obstacle for workers. With digital technology, workers can get around this by scheduling through mobile app, which allows them to schedule the way they want.

Email Notifications

One of the benefits to digital technology is that it can let people know ahead of time about appointments. Typically when people schedule, they wait until it is time to go to the scheduled appointment. This problem can be easily fixed with digital technology, where customers who schedule for heavy vehicle inspections can now receive email notifications reminding them that their scheduled inspections are coming up. This way customers can stay on top of their appointments and allow the workers to do their jobs without interruptions.

HVI Platform

The HVI platform works to allow its users to configure scheduled inspections digitally. Workers who use the platform can send email notifications to customers, and set dates and times.When scheduling an inspection, fleet managers can customize scheduled inspection to their own benefit, such as how often a heavy vehicle needs to be inspected, setting the next inspection date, and time tracking. It has all the tools for heavy vehicle inspection convenience, so those interested in the platform should check out the link


Scheduling digitally will greatly benefit fleet managers and customers in the long run. It really goes both ways, where the fleet managers can customize the scheduling and the customers can stay on top of their scheduled inspections. Fleet managers can schedule inspections in ways of which they previously could not, and it is thanks to digital technology.

It’s time to move on from Paper based inspection to CLOUD based HVI APP !


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