Mining and Construction Case Study

The mining and construction industries are evolving as technologies are advancing. These industries rely on the use of heavy vehicles and equipment for mining and construction purposes. With new technologies comes new benefits for these industries. Industries like mining and construction involve a lot of moving and manual labor, which is remedied by advancements in technology. The question is: how will these industries adapt to the changes in technologies?.


The challenge that the mining and construction faced was that the work surrounding inspections and maintenance was manual. The manual labor presented some issues regarding lack of consistency of the inspections, wasting paper resources, not being able to track equipment that workers borrowed or lost, and the cost of replacing lost equipment. With these problems in mind, there would need to be a solution that would fix these issues and evolve the mining and construction industries.


The solution to these problems is by adapting the mining industry to the Heavy Vehicle Inspection Platform. The benefits that this mobile app brings to the table are:

● Changing inspections and maintenance into paperless inspections for reducing paper waste.

● Tracking lost equipment which drops the cost of equipment.

● Access inspection forms anytime and anywhere.

● Control workflow.

● Schedule inspections on the go.

These benefits help the mining and construction industries because the platform allows for more efficient labor. There is no need to go manual anymore when the solution is to go digital for more consistent pacing of the workflow.


The outcome of the solution was that the Heavy Vehicle Inspection Platform was indeed a leap forward for the mining and construction industries. Technology is advancing businesses and industries, and with these advancements comes new ways of fixing problems and creating a much more efficient and productive working environment. Overall, the addition of the platform helped evolve the mining and construction industries into new heights.


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