The Importance of Driver Well Being during Inspections

The role of heavy vehicle inspections to check each vehicle and make sure that they are safe to use for work. Several industries use heavy vehicles, which is why they undergo inspections. Should a heavy vehicle fail inspection, it would need fixing before it can pass.

With so much attention drawn to inspecting heavy vehicles, it is easy to forget that these inspections are done by fleet managers. They are ones that inspect these vehicles, and yet their safety is ignored. Especially in a time where the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing workers to social distance from each other, what are the odds that a fleet manager will get sick from the virus during their shift? While it is true that work must be done, why neglect on the health and safety of fleet workers?

In any job, workers are doing their best to produce high quality customer service, but their health and safety is overlooked. Even during the pandemic, fleet managers are working despite the threat of COVID-19. In this case, fleet manager safety should not be overlooked because they are just as vulnerable to the virus as anyone else. High quality customer service is fine and all, but the safety of workers should come first, especially fleet managers.

These days, technology has evolved into an era of mobile apps and tablets, which translate well with heavy vehicle inspections. The Heavy Vehicle Inspection Platform is one such app that improves on heavy vehicle inspection procedures such as going paperless, controlling workflow, and creating digital checklists.

Mobile apps can store all the information into tablets, perfect for instant access and no paper usage. But mobile apps such as the HVI could go a step further by incorporating driver well being in the inspection process.

Getting heavy vehicle inspections done is important for industries that use them. However, to get the work done, the issue of driver well being must be addressed.

Driver well being is just important to the quantity and quality of heavy vehicle inspections, if not more.

It’s time to move on from Paper based inspection to CLOUD based HVI APP !


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