Mobile Heavy Vehicle Inspections

Heavy vehicle inspections are moving online. Technology is changing the way we approach work, and that includes heavy vehicle inspections. The mobile industry allows for innovation in how heavy vehicle inspections are done, and shows us what changes during the inspections themselves.

Consider heavy vehicle inspections being conducted using a mobile app. How are these inspections done this way? What are the benefits of using a mobile app for heavy vehicle inspections? As digital technology is making strides in various businesses, the old way of inspecting heavy vehicles is becoming outdated.

That is all the more reason to check out the HVI Platform, a mobile app that will fill your heavy vehicle inspection needs. Here is a list of reasons for why you should check out HVI:

● Create checklists within minutes.

● Access inspection forms anytime and anywhere.

● Create work order through inspections

● Defect and issue email notification

● Schedule inspections on the go

● Monitor maintenance flow mobily

● Set reminders for inspections and maintenance

● Parts and fuel management

● Purchase Order management

● Tyre management

The HVI Platform presents a new way of handling heavy vehicle inspections, one that provides convenience. Experience all the applications and features that the HVI Platform has to offer. To learn more, click the link


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