How Technology Can Help A Mechanic
Mechanic’s POV

Mechanical work can be quite stressful, as there is so much to do. It is a lot of work fixing and maintaining heavy vehicles and equipment, not to mention costly. My line of work is all about hands-on learning, and to be good at it, one must be patient and learn how to fix mechanical problems. I fix heavy vehicles and equipment all the time because they need to be maintained for workers to use them. However, I began to notice that the old ways of maintaining heavy vehicles and equipment are fading, and in came the new technology.

I have been working as a mechanic for years, and never before have I seen technology as new and unusual as mobile devices. I am so used to working with my hands that I did not notice mechanical work is changing. My day-to-day operations go with me constantly working to make sure everything is all set. The stress that I deal with are not even assigned mechanics other than me, losing necessary equipment for mechanical work, and messy work flow. These problems and more compromise my work experience, but all that changed when technology introduced mobile apps.

You see, mobile apps became part of businesses small and large, and they even snuck their way into the heavy vehicle inspection industry. I am curious to know how mobile apps would change the way I work with mechanics because improvements in my workplace could be made. After all, mobile apps offer new possibilities that a mechanic such as myself could benefit from.

I discovered that mobile apps contain applications that could make the work I do more manageable than before. Applications such as controlling the flow of work order by storing every task in one device is a smart way of managing everything at once. This way, a task given me is easy to follow. I can create checklists so that the work I am doing is organized and on top of everything. When it comes to inspecting heavy vehicles though, I can use the HVI mobile app to monitor all the heavy vehicles I inspect. Mobile apps do indeed help with my day-to-day work because the applications they carry provide a much more efficient working environment, whichis definitely needed to raise business. I believe that mobile apps are the new normal for the workforce, especially my role as a mechanic.


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