Blog - How Digital Technology Can Mitigate the Spread of Coronavirus on Transport Vehicles

The spreading of coronavirus has become an ongoing threat to public areas, and the fight to contain the spread involves social distancing and wearing face masks. The spread of this virus is most prevalent in areas where there is a high volume of people, though the virus can spread in non-emergency transport vehicles as well. Although the virus can spread from person to person, the CDC says that people who have tested positive for the virus can still use transportation vehicles provided that they cover themselves to avoid spreading the virus. Social distancing enables people to be six feet apart from each other, which goes for larger vehicles along with any area with huge space. The thing is, people who are infected will end up spreading the virus in the vehicles they use.

The solution to slowing the spread of coronavirus on non-emergency transport vehicles? Cleaning and disinfecting them of course. Obviously, using essential items such as disinfectant sprays and wipes are the way to go, but it would be more helpful if the spread was mitigated so that it would not spread as much. In this time, digital technology is becoming the new normal for businesses, which is an effort to keep social gatherings separated and work sustained despite the large unemployment rate. With this in mind, digital technology can mitigate the spread of coronavirus, especially with disinfecting and cleaning non-emergency transport vehicles.

Why use digital technology to conduct daily cleaning and disinfecting for non-emergency transport vehicles?

First of all, digital technology in this situation helps reduce physical contact for cleaning and disinfecting non-emergency vehicles. Being able to reduce physical contact means minimizing physical activity from disinfecting procedures. This helps workers avoid touching contaminated areas of those vehicles so that they do not contract the virus. In this situation, some workers can work remotely because their jobs allow it, but unfortunately, this does not apply to disinfecting vehicles. Digital technology can solve this problem by offering digital tools that enable workers to monitor the vehicles while reducing physical contact, and by also becoming paperless. Everything is done by mobile app, which further reduces physical contact of manuals, papers, etc.

Free software to perform 1 year of unlimited use on recording disinfected and cleaned vehicles.

Free software is being offered to enable customers to receive unlimited use on recording disinfected and cleaned vehicles. This software is helpful for allowing customers to discover and learn the software’s applications on how to record non-emergency transport vehicles for cleaning and disinfecting. Customers can take advantage of the software to get the most out of their remote work experience, not to mention using a checklist provided and recommended by the CDC for monitoring contaminated vehicles.

Should people use the software?

The answer is obviously yes. Times have changed and certainly more dire thanks to coronavirus. Businesses are shifting into digital platforms in order to stay afloat amidst this worldwide problem. What makes cleaning and disinfecting non-emergency vehicles any different? The truth is it is not different, because the virus is still spreading and work on these vehicles must be conducted remotely through digital technology so that social distancing will continue in the workforce. The curve needs to continue to flatten and if digital technology can help mitigate the spread of coronavirus, then that is the choice people have for maintaining businesses. Of course, this includes cleaning and disinfecting non-emergency transport vehicles.


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