Blog - ​ Going Digital: Heavy Vehicle Inspections and Maintenance

Everything is becoming digital these days. Mobile apps can help a business provide customer service needs on the go. The same could be said about heavy vehicle inspections and maintenance, because fleet managers could now use an app to conduct digital inspections on a heavy vehicle’s maintenance for their convenience. Why are digital inspections important and why should fleet managers use the app?

Why do inspections in the first place?

Before getting into digital inspections, it is important to know what inspections are and why getting one is important. Inspections are protocols that access a vehicle on safety and emissions, and they are important because they serve to check vehicles and see if they are safe to use for another year. Every year inspections are done to make sure the vehicles are in top condition, and should there be any issues with the inspected vehicle, it will fail the inspection. The same goes for inspecting heavy vehicles because they must be inspected in order to make sure that everything is fine enough to pass. Not doing inspections would put people at risk using heavy vehicles that might have problems. That is why inspections are important and why every vehicle needs one.

Benefits of Digital Inspections

So now that we know about what inspections are and why they are important, let’s talk about digital inspections. With technology changing, there are new ways to approach the tasks and assignments that we do. This extends to heavy vehicle inspections, where the mobile app now allows inspections to be done digitally. People would no longer have to bring the vehicle themselves to an inspection station, they have an app that enables them to conduct a digital inspection themselves. This is the kind of thing that would drive heavy inspection business because it would allow more fleet managers to conduct more digital inspections and would increase the volume of inspections needed. But what do digital inspections offer?

1# Heavy Vehicle Inspections are conducted remotely at reduced downtime

One of the most convenient things about mobile apps is that people can do certain tasks remotely, which saves time for other tasks. This app allows fleet managers to perform digital inspections on heavy vehicles with reduced downtime. They can take excel spreadsheets or charts and convert them into the app itself into forms for inspection procedures. Fleet managers should take advantage of this so that they could keep inspections organized and well documented. Another benefit is that digital inspections save paper by keeping inspection records in the app, so going paperless helps. Fleet managers can also benefit by scheduling inspections on the go, sending inspection notifications, and control workflow.

2# Digital inspections allow for more efficient maintenance

Maintaining heavy vehicle maintenance is important for keeping everything in check and making sure nothing goes wrong. Digital inspections make sure that progress is being made at all times by monitoring mechanics, sent items, and costs of materials. Fleet managers have the ability to assign mechanics digitally to work on heavy vehicles and monitor the status of the maintenance remotely. They can also view the costs of the materials used for maintenance work. This is beneficial to fleet managers because they can contact other workers in other parts of the world and assign them to work on heavy vehicles. The beauty of this is that people can do this remotely without having to travel, all it takes is to communicate digitally.

3# Equipment Safety

Digital inspections are helpful for inspecting equipment to make sure that they are safe to use. Fleet managers can use the app to keep track of information and access the safety of the equipment before customers can use them. The app can monitor equipment and workers can communicate with others to maintain them just as they would with monitoring heavy vehicle inspections. Not maintaining equipment would put workers who use them at risk during their work, and nobody wants that. The mobile app is vital for ensuring a worker’s safety when using equipmentshould be top priority. Use the app and monitor equipment safety protocols so that the equipment is tested properly and workers would not get hurt.

So fleet managers could take advantage of the app and benefit from what digital inspections has to offer. This makes the app helpful for vehicle inspections because it opens up possibilities for better operations and instant access. Going back to paperless, the mobile app allows for faster service by keeping information, monitoring progress, keeping pictures of inspections, and better insights of inspection results. The app is useful for connecting with other people online, to exchange information and learn from one another in the business. It helps organize the workflow so that workers are always on top of everything without issues, and they can focus on each inspection without interruptions. It can save time on the top of keeping everything in order so that more inspections will be done and new inspections will come lining up.

The point of all this is that digital inspections change how fleet managers conduct heavy vehicle inspections. Technology is changing with time, and with mobile apps, so too do businesses that use them. Mobile apps can help a business expand boundaries and increase volume of customers through customer service. With this in mind, this app works to expand the service of heavy vehicle inspections for easier, faster, and more accessible customer service. If you are looking for on the go heavy vehicle inspections, the heavy vehicle inspection mobile app is the way to go.


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