Blog - From Paper to Paperless: Digital Checklists

Anyone who has worked in a job that involves checklists knows that checklists are used to keep everything on track. Checklists enable workers to check off inventory supplies, monitoring phases in a task, and making sure that everything is in place. Obviously, checklists are written on paper, but technology changes that. Nowadays, checklists are created online which not only saves paper, but creates a more convenient way of using checklists.

What is different about digital checklists?

One thing to note is that digital checklists are not done on paper, they are done on mobile devices. The advantage of using a digital checklist is that paper is saved because it requires lots of paper to create checklists, which seems like a waste. With a digital checklist, simply having iton a mobile device means that workers can refer to it instantly. Workers can also create their own digital checklists to fit their work needs. In the grand scheme of things, it is preferable to use digital checklists instead of wasting paper on physical ones.

Heavy Vehicle Inspection Checklists

Checklists are important for heavy vehicle inspections because these vehicles must be thoroughly inspected so that the vehicles are safe to use. Checklists can help workers pin down what they need to inspect, not missing any component. Some examples of things that need to be inspected are seats, radiators, and air filters. It is good to have a digital checklist on hand since it keeps inspections organized and therefore more efficient with each heavy vehicle inspection.

Audit Checklist Manager

The HVI mobile app (Heavy Vehicle Inspection) contains a feature known as the audit check manager. This feature allows its users to create mobile inspection checklists that can be sharedamong workers. This definitely gives possibilities such as being able to repurpose paper checklists into inspection forms, creating new checklists with customization, and managing multiple digital checklists at once. This kind of application gives users an efficient way of handling heavy vehicle inspections, giving them more control over their own checklists and customization to their own benefit. For more information, click the link

Checklists are a necessary tool that are still used today in many businesses. It is good to have one because it helps businesses stay on top of everything when there is work to be done. With digital technology, checklists are now used in new and innovative ways that help industries such as heavy vehicle inspections. No paper, no problem, digital checklists save the paper and introduce new possibilities in the workforce.


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