Blog - Evolving Heavy Vehicle Inspections during COVID-19 Pandemic

The present is not looking so good right now. COVID - 19, a highly contagious virus, has spread all around the world and sickened thousands of people. Many people have lost their jobs due to fear of the virus spreading to them (which it is currently doing), and tons of people have died from it. As it stands, only the jobs that are deemed essential are still allowed to open, and heavy vehicle inspections is one of them. After all, jobs that require the use of heavy vehicles are deemed essential, and therefore must be inspected despite the dangers of the pandemic.

Germ Spreading

It should be noted that this virus is a respiratory illness and can spread by coughing and sneezing. With that said, people should not touch their face because they might end up touching something else, causing other people to be vulnerable to the touched object. With this in mind, heavy vehicle inspections previously involved using papers to check everything, and this is dangerous for workers because they share paperwork, which they would have to wear latex clothes to protect themselves from contracting the virus. Because of the pandemic, the shift to digital is more necessary than before because the virus cannot spread in workplaces that are paperless, including heavy vehicle inspections.

Social Distancing

Wearing masks and latex gloves are not enough to protect from COVID - 19. People would have to make the effort to social distance from each other so that the virus cannot spread from person to person. In the workforce, this can be daunting as workers are in the same area, and they cannot stay away within 6 feet without moving around. Heavy vehicle inspections suffer from this because workers must share tools and even ride together if they have to. As with going paperless, the use of a digital fleet management system makes it so that only one worker should be summoned to inspect heavy vehicles, which would eliminate the purpose of having more than one worker at a time.

Go with HVI

At times like this, heavy vehicle inspection will need to upgrade by mobile app in order to move against the virus. The HVI platform renders heavy vehicle inspections paperless, which means workers would not have to worry about sharing paper anymore since everything is digital.

Scheduling appointments digitally would help traffic customers by only dropping off their heavy vehicles when it is their turn. The platform can also set reminders to wash their hands all the time, which helps those who either forgot to wash up or neglect washing their hands. For more information, visit WEBSITE​.

The pandemic is isolating the world’s population, and it is only thanks to digital technology that people can still communicate without being physically close to each other. Businesses may have it hard nowadays, but digital technology is how businesses like heavy vehicle inspections will survive this dark time. And now going digital has become more necessary than before, as it helps protect people against the pandemic.


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