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Heavy Vehicle Inspection Software
The fastest way to conduct inspections and work order!

  • Save time
  • Eliminate paper
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce Maintenance Cost
  • ... all from your iPhone, iPad or Android phone or tablet.

Inspection & Audit Report

Daily Inspection Report

Maintenance Workorder

Incident Report

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Save money on routine operational cost by
Increased Productivity
Track and fix the productivity issues with Daily operator reporting on work hours, Machine usages, DVIR and additional business data collection.
Reduced Unplanned Breakdowns
Reduce on job failures with automaitc schedules set by system on future Inspection, WOs.
Cut Administration Cost
No paper printing or reduced administration efforts to maintain machines, complaince data, audit information.
Lower Maintenance Cost
Reduce annual maintenance cost by 25% with well planned PM schedules, follow up process and detailed tracking on parts, labor.
Reduction in MRO Inventory Expense
By cleansing and consolidating this data, one can effectively outline the strategy, identify opportunities for savings, and ensure that savings generated are implemented across sites.
3-Month Average Payback Time for a yearly subscription
3 month is a average payback time of investment takes to recover the cost for the "Heavy Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance Software"

Digitization Platform - Daily Reporting, Inspection, Maintenance

Streamline & digitize Vehicle Maintenance, Inspection process and Daily Operator/Equipment reporting from field. Eliminate inefficient activities and provide real-time visibility about equipment upkeep. Transition to Paper free Digital Record keeping on secure private cloud.

How it will help your business

Monitor and enforce common Inspection and Maintenance processes across all sites & locations Report vehicle Deficiencies in near real-time and efficiently manage maintenance workflow.One click work order generation with advanced record keeping. Keep Management, back-office and field personnel always in sync with secure cloud Apps.

What you may gain with HVI

Boost field efficiency and increase productivity. Lower maintenance cost and generate better ROI. Reduce equipment downtime, get real-time visibility and improve time-to-repair. Digital Fleet Management - Anywhere, anytime, information on each Equipment of fleet.

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Reduce maintenance costs by timely service, HVI ensures your team will never miss a future schedule of Inspection or Maintenance work-order. Advance HVI workflow continuously monitors meter reading of each vehicle and automatically creates a work-order or an Inspection. App notifications sent to Mechanic, technician with all details of what need to be done. You can always Plan and package your maintenance schedules dynamically to improve resource utilization and reduce asset downtime.
One click conversion of any Inspection report to a Maintenance work-Order. All repair, replace information. Web Portal offer story feature to keep timestamped notes about work order progress. Electronically approve repair orders, track repair, service task each item and cost, all in one place.
HVI solutions are different than your traditional paper based based inspection and maintenance modules. It empowers inspection and maintenance team with features ideal for running smooth inspection and maintenance process and gives them complete insight on asset which allows them to streamline all inspection and maintenance activities. Companies using HVI have seen several benefits which includes improve Asset life, digital reports of equipment, reduction in maintenance cost, elimination of manual process and create paperless environment at the same time improve visibility and transparency.

Digital Record Keeping

Digitally maintain compliant vehicle maintenance records.
Dramatically reduces administration time and paperwork


Improve business safety and quality with KPI's on Repair, Maintenance Cost, Weekly Summary.
(Key Performance Indicator).

DAILY Operator Reporting

Extend Mobile Apps to all your operator, Drivers. Daily reporting data collection of walk though, fuel, downtime .
Most advanced features extend.

Custom iOS, Portal, Android Apps

Dadicated secure cloud infrastruture hosted and mobile apps maintained for your business.
Digital Branding for your customers
Our Service
A powerful app for inspections, inventory, work order and schedule in the workplace.
HVI, streamlines the process saving your time, money and lives.
Signed PDF inspection report with details on each inspection item including marking of Repair, Replace, pictures and voice Notes. Inspection items are defined in checklists.
Maintenance WO
Generate one click Work-Order from Inspection report. Print WO, Consume Parts, assign mechanic and track progress on each item of work order. Maintain labor, material cost with logs of Repair.
Set auto schedules of Inspection, Maintenance based on meter reading or calendar duration. App will notify on future schedules, when it’s time to work.
Team Mangement
Perform daily inspections & generate weekly reports.
Inventory Mangement
Maintain Vehicle and parts inventory. Bulk data upload feature from excel.
Fuel Management
Fuel Bunker to store and Fuel consumption reporting including receipt image attached.
Daily operator reporting
Extend App interface to all your driver operators to conduct daily Inspection, log fuel, downtime, hour’s usages on daily basis. Consolidated weekly PDF report of daily activities. Immediate App notification triggered, if operator flags any issues.
Email, App Notification
Immediately receive email notification on faulty inspection reports. Mobile App notifications on Operator Daily Reporting, on assignment of WorkOrder, upcoming schedules.
Major benefit of CMMS, DVIR App software
Speed of communication
No more paper record keeping with over phone reporting. Immediate Email trigger to right person on any defect reporting. App notification to bring attention to users.
Accuracy and Quality of Information
No more data copy from paper to system. Signed information submitted by user becomes single version of truth.
Latest user interface makes very easy to find information in system. Complete information tracking with Visual indicators.
Be sure that all required information is maintained. Complete tracking from breakdown to Inspection to completion of maintenance.
Advance Reporting
Save money by reducing overall operations cost. Make decisions based on advance reporting to reduce downtime and unplanned maintenance.
Web Portal

Generate Work-Order from Inspection report just in a click. Print WO, Consume Parts, assign mechanic and track progress on each item of work order. Maintain labor, material cost with logs of Repair.

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Digital solution for transport logistics to manage and maintain.

Oil and Gas Industry

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Trusted by thousands of customers
Best ever vehicle inspection and management app that i have used. i was using it for single device. but want to use same account for multiple device and multiple desktop. so it will be greatful if multiple feature available.
Rabie Elkheir
Overall we are very satisfied with all parts of the program and service. It’s nice to find a company still solely dedicated to customer service
Ryan C.
The flow of information is simple, in 3-4 clicks you can complete any task on this tool, being cloud base I my company does not have worry about hosting and IT maintenance, excellent customer support which is most required if you are new to technology
Rick Barth

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